Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My First "Advise Me" Giveaway!

I just passed 100 posts about a week ago so I decided to host a giveaway in celebration!!!!

Da da da da!

Okay why "Advise Me"?

Well this blog is all about rediscovering my sense of style and I opened this blog to the public to get advice and feedback from you...my fellow bloggers and readers.

What's up for grabs?

The ever popular 88 Piece Makeup Palette from Coastal Scents paid for by little old me to gift to one lucky you.

So how do you win it:

To enter this giveaway you must do the following:
1.  You must be an official follower of this blog or a follower of my Twitter account: 
2.  You must post an original, helpful piece of advice in the comments.  (What I mean by that is...telling me I should wear makeup is not that eye-opening but telling me that a nice rose colored blush would be flattering with my skin tone is.)  Your advice can be about makeup, fitness, clothing, style, budget shopping, etc. And if you need an idea of where to start visit my Introduction or My Stats. Or if you're truly stuck, send me an email at projectdanielle2009@gmail.com and ask me some questions.
3.  You must mention my giveaway on your blog and include that link with your comment.  No blog?  You can follow me on twitter and tweet about my giveaway there!

That's it...simple.  Be sure to share it with friends.  I need at least 10 entrants for the contest to go on. :)
  • You can only enter once.  Sorry, multiple comments from the same person will only be counted as one entry.
  • US and international entrants.
    Contest ends on December 31, 2009 at midnight Eastern Time.
  • I will use a random number generator to determine the winner. Winner must contact me within 48 hours to claim prize or I will select new winner.
  • I will tweet/retweet each piece of advice on my twitter page as they come in.  And I will do a compilation post of all advice received in January 2010 along with links to your respective blogs/twitter pages.
I can't wait to read your ideas!!!

Edited to say: The contest is open to US and international but its up to you to know your customs laws and fees!

Edited again to say:  Following me on twitter counts.  I realize some of you use other blogging platforms (LiveJournal, Typepad, Wordpress) So to encourage more participation, you can also follow me on Twitter instead.


  1. I didn't know you had a blog I would have been following you. You have a very nice blog.

  2. I am not sure how you do your hair, but the best thing to do is to leave it natural and styled by some Dominicans weekly, my girlfriend does it and it looks like it's permed, so totally fabulous!

    Also, threading eyebrows versus waxing is beneficial in two ways, a) they look much better, b) it doesn't stretch your skin, hence prevents the wrinkles that can show up!

    Here's a post mentioning your giveaway! (Plus I'm a follower)

  3. Well, my best piece of fitness advice involves the Couch to 5k program which I think is really great. This blog has really helpful podcasts which I just found!


  4. Oh, and here's my tweet mentioning your giveaway!


  5. It's so hard to stick with it! I just started going back myself, it's not easy to stay motivated. Love the blog!

  6. Ok after viewing your blog my helpful piece of advice is that I love the wavy hair in the late eye makeup post. Would be nice to see more hair do like that. Also I see your like me, that you have dark under eye, I would suggest a MAC studio concealer or if your skin is sensitive to MAC then you could use MUFE or Graftobian. Then try setting it with a translucent powder: budget price one would be N.Y.C Translucent powder or Ben Nye. Also I don't know if you have ever see Dezi on Youtube latest video on eyebrow stencil. I love a define brow and any age or color woman can rock a define brow. Would suggest defining the brow, brows does do a lot in enhancing a makeup look. I hope this is helpful. Check out YT Dezi1016, who has some great tips and tricks for us budget babes.
    Btw I was happy to post your giveaway on my blog here: http://kimmydadiva.blogspot.com/2009/12/project-daniel-giveaway.html

  7. Hi Danielle! Great blog you have started here. My area of expertise is makeup and doing quality makeup without breaking your pockets. I would first say that brushes are EVERYTHING. I can apply drugstore makeup and make it look like department store with great brushes. And you don't even have to pay $89 per brush from MAC. Honestly I have one MAC brush and will never get another because I discovered this site! http://www.crownbrush.biz/home.aspx?pg=catalog ... On Modelmayhem this site was highly recommended for quality brushes at very affordable prices! Definitely going to order from there myself.

    Here is my tweet: @projectdanielle is having a giveaway ya'll!!! check it out http://www.projectdanielle.com/2009/12/my-first-advise-me-giveaway.html less than 10 seconds ago from web

  8. Hi Danielle, I found your blog from Clumps of Mascara. This is such a great idea. While I agree with Janine that Dominican salons are great, I think its too much heat to endure on a weekly basis. I visit my Dominican salon maybe once every other month and I always feel guilty at using that much heat. I'm relaxed and it might be a good option for you to use while you're transitioning or until you make your final decision whether to chop or not.

    My suggestion (hope this counts!): I listen to Robert Ullrey's podcasts for the Couck to 5K running program, I think they're great. Also, I listen to Podrunner podcasts (Steve Boyett) while on the elliptical. If those suggestions don't count let me know! I'll also mention you on my blog http://www.motivatedsista.com.

  9. Well I don't have a lot of advice considering I've just been branching out myself in the last couple of years.
    I just recently discovered sigma cosmetic brushes and so far the ones that i've tried are awesome. Only 2 so far which are the SS239 and the SS224. Sigma.makeup.com
    I also now follow you on twitter. I'm dtjs24.

  10. Hi! I am a blogger too and I think that the nail polish that would look really god on your skin tone is OPI We'll Always Have Paris!! Hope you try it out and like it! Love your blog as of recently xox

  11. Hi Danielle! Im not a blogger but Twitter is my place of expression! Anywho...I have some style advice for you...
    I absolutey love fashion & the best thing about fashion is ACCESSORIES! People always tell me that they like my earrings,necklaces, bangles and scarves and guess what....They are cheap! I buy all my stuff @ target on clearence and @ the forever21 accessory store called 4Love! Also when summer hits I go to all the festivals in the city (my favorite is the african world festival in Detroit!) and get big jewelry pieces like wooden bangles or super huge bright colored earrings. I don't know if big jewelry is your style but regardless of size, I believe that you can transform a simple white tee and jeans with some statement making earrings and some bangin bangles!

  12. so...one of my good, good friends Ms. Ashley, told me this once and I NEVER forgot it, I mean she did remind me EVERY TIME we went out to the club. I always wore black heels to go out and she told me that nude or neutral color shoes (whatever matches your skin color) shoes are ALWAYS the best. Because they match the color of your skin, they elongate your legs and make you look slimmer AND taller...I mean what woman WOULDN'T want that?! Hope this helps =)

    P.S. LOVE the blog already!

    My Contest link:

  13. This isn't an entry, just random scraps of advice, since I think your idea is cool.

    Are you familiar with Black Radiance cosmetics? If not, they're a brand designed for women of color, and they make some amazing lipstick. Not as many choices as more mainstream brands, but it has good coverage and is relatively long lasting. (Despite being pale as a sheet and totally outside the target demographic, I swear by the stuff myself. The darker reds are to die for and don't look clownish, like some of the stuff from Maybelline.)

    Also, you look like you'd look great with a more dark green/gold/brown eye palette. Have you ever tried olive eyeliner? Or even using a dark green shadow as a liner? And if you don't have it already, try Maybelline's Enchanted Forest quad. You'd also rock the Emerald Isle, Emerald Smokes, Chai Latte, and Natural Smokes palettes. Also, you could try doing a brownish purple, like a plum color, with a brown or green to jazz things up a bit. Ever try a moon manicure?

    Clotheswise, go check out your nearest Intimacy if you haven't already. Their bras are rather expensive, but the fitters really know their stuff. You also look like you could rock some large-print dresses. Like all those cute black/white ones that were everywhere this summer.

    Lastly, your daughter looks cute with her hair up :)


  14. aww i really wanna join this but unfortuanatly i can't follow this blog koz i have no blogspot account *tearsss .. goodluck to all that joins :)

  15. oh yay :) ... anyways I followed you on twitter already and tweeted about this contest :)

    anyways I have a fashion advice i think ? lol

    well here it is since you mentioned on your profile your now an apple shape my advice would be if you layer a light tank or cami under long sleeved jacket/cardigan or button downed tops :. It adds dimension to your mid section helping you look more shapely instead of thick.
    But be sure not to layer thick fabrics.

    Another one is I think a shocking pink color would go nice with your skin tone ^_^

  16. i forgot to mention i'll also post this contest on facebook ^_^

  17. The best advice I can give is, about fitness, working on my make-up skills, learning to love it.
    If u want to get geared up for the new year and start a routine, buy cute workout gear that u love to put on, it will make you want to workout just so you can look cute. Ignore the scale and start taking pics weekly, pictures don't lie. Give youself time and be patient with urself. Also realize, you're beautiful at whatever size, u exercise so u can live longer and be healthier for the people u love, 1 being urself.

  18. Hey hon. I noticed you have been complaining of yellow nails lately. My advise would be to use a good base coat before you apply your polish. Right now I use China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat and I have no problems with discoloration. Hope that helps!

    I blogged about your Giveaway here:

  19. Never underestimate the power of red lipstick.

    It can be seductive, coy, conservative, or trendy depending on how you wear it.

    Now that it's wintertime in Chicago, I wearing my red lipsticks (a la Gwen Stefani) in full force. Amidst the sea of black coats and gray skyscapers, red beautifully stands out. Want to look absolutely timeless? Rock the cat-eye liner. Both your eyes and luscious will take the spotlight. You WILL turn heads.

    For a more punk-glam look, apply shimmer dark gray shadow over liner. Make sure to pump up the volume on the lashes for extra effect. Keep blush minimal, or don't even apply it. I go by the rule of two's on the face. Pick two areas to apply make-up, any more is overkill.

    For a more conservative look for the office, apply a red lipstick stain and neutral brown shadows to the eyes. A dark brown eyeliner completes the look.

  20. Sorry, as soon as I figure out how to follow your blog, I will, or you could give me some instructions, heh ;) I really like giving advice, so a win win sitch for me :)

    I believe your goal is to look fresh, younger, and put together. The answer to your problems is your skin, you need an even skin tone. Your skin is the one that defines your age and it's the part the gives away the late all nighter's when you don't do your work! So, we're going to focus on it.

    First you need to exfoliate, then moisturize. After your doen prepping, we go on to the makeup.

    Apply a tinted moisturizer (CG Aqua Smoothers SPF 15) or a foundation all over your face to even out your skin tone.

    After that, cover your problem areas such as dark circles, blemishes, red spots with a concealer preferably cream as it's the most opaque. Here are some concealers for a person on a budget and oily skin :)

    benefit boi-ing concealer $18 @ sephora
    merle norman cover up $12 @ merle norman
    mark perfect touch concealer $5

    Now apply either bronzer, blush or maybe both. Use a fluffy brush and apply the bronzer to where the sun naturally hits your face, and a creamy blush to create that dewy complexion.

    Great! You may notice now that your face looks absolutely fantastic. You can put on a coat or two of mascara, a swipe of lip colour and you'll be looking fab all day long, they're tell you your in your early TWENTIES instead of thirties ;)

  21. Here's my link about your contest:


  22. Danielle I am a new follower and so glad I stumbled onto your blog!

    My advice is more of a money saver. To intensify your eye shadow and help it stay put make your own eye primer. Mix an old stick cover up in a small jar smoosh it up til it's creamy and add a couple of dabs of a thich eye or face cream, mix together until smooth and now you have a great eye primer.

    I posted in my sidebar here http://blacknailpolishandlipgloss.blogspot.com/

  23. Hi Danielle - WOW.so glad to have found you and your blog ! I am Janaki Krishnamurthy , you e-leraning classmate in IS 631 , IS 679 last spring :) You have a busy schedule with soo many things going on...Keep it up :)

    I would love to enter the giveaway..but i dont twitter..so i just followed your blog..hope that counts :)

    As for my advice : Have you tried any forest green eyeshadows ? I feel it will compliment you..And also its so in right now..you should give that try ! Also try lining the water line of your eyes with a black eyeliner..that adds a sharpeness to the face , try it out !!

    Again great to catch you here.

  24. Hey Girl!

    I'm a Follower!!!

    I actually have 3 tips for ya!!

    First is that I noticed, that like me, you have some darkness in your under eye area. I LOVE
    Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Concealer. It's super smooth and melts into skin so nicely! I can't believe the difference it's made for me! I look so much more awake!

    Second, I am addicted to tightlining! Tightlining is simply applying eyeliner to your upper waterline, so that it goes in between your lashes. This makes your eyelashes look so much fuller. I also like it because my lids aren't very large, so it prevents my liner from covering up my shadow. I use either Revlon colorstay liquid liner or colorstay pencil liner (the kind you screw up and down) to tightline.

    and Lastly, set your waterlines! i line with Revlon colorstay pencil, then using a flat brush dipped in matching eyeshadow, dab on top of the liner. then line again. This works so well, I have still has liner on my waterlines the next morning!

    Hope these help girl!

    Oh and you know I posted: http://kroniclesofakonader.blogspot.com/2009/12/christmas-mani-2-frosty-tips.html


  25. hey girl, just discovered your blog recently & i'm loving it. this giveaway is a really sweet thing for you to do. i'm hoping to do the same thing on my blog once i get more followers! (i have a fashion blog)

    anyway- my advice to anyone is not to be afraid to go out on a limb and rock a look that's different or bold or stands out. ever since i discovered all of the possibilities makeup has to offer, whether it be a smoky eye or something more colorful, i look forward to applying my makeup every morning because i get to choose a different look every day. sometimes i'll go to work with a shimmery teal lid with a sheer purple highlight and blue eyeliner. some wouldn't consider that "everyday" makeup but so what? i love the end result and i like being different. so my advice is to wear what you like, ignore all "rules" (there are no rules when it comes to makeup and your own personal style!) and just enjoy being a girl :)

    i posted a link to your giveaway in my blog: http://www.thebloginista.com/2009/12/holiday-giveaways.html

    thanks so much doll. xo

  26. I am now a follower of your blog as well as your Twitter: @saucyfbaby

    An advice I can give you is to always take time out for yourself. No matter how busy you are, you must always make time for yourself to relax or do anything that you enjoy. Most people tend to live such a fast-paced life that they forget to slow down & soak in all of their blessings. Always give yourself a compliment when you look in the mirror. Keep yourself happy because if we are not happy with ourselves, how do we expect to make others happy? Self worth & self respect is very important. But the most important thing is that you value yourself & respect yourself because you're opinion is the most important.

    I tweeted this giveaway: http://twitter.com/saucyfbaby/status/6941747285

    Thanks for the chance Danielle! Happy Holidays to you & your loved ones. =]




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