Friday, September 10, 2010

NYFW: Jen Kao Spring 2011

NYFW: Bensoni Spring 2011

I meant to stream the show but got busy.  So after perusing here's what I liked from Bensoni.

He Can Get It Thursday: Joaquin Phoenix

Forgive me. I'm late.  Life happens.  Any who...

Before he lost his ever loving mind became a rapper, he looked like this:

He has such lovely strong features and now they're lost in this:
I really hope its a mockumentary. I really hope its good. 

Please let it be a mockumentary stunt.

Friday AM Finds

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Would you rather be a famous musician or a famous actor?

Musician. **blows dust off music degree** All that frustration of learning to sing in Italian, Russian, Latin, etc. and I'm a database administrator pursing a Master's degree in Business and Information Systems. **sigh** Sometimes life takes you in different directions. I have no regrets and its never too late to bless the mic.

Ask me anything

What is your favorite starbucks drink?

I don't drink Starbucks. I think it tastes like dirty mop water. LOL! Don't kill me I just always thought it was a bitter brew.

Ask me anything

What's your favorite perfume?

I like Aromatics Elixir by Clinique. It's old school but works with my body chemistry perfectly. Other than that pretty much anything by Givenchy, Stella McCartney, Prada, or Armani.

Ask me anything

Do you watch Reality TV? If yes, what is your favorite show?

Hmmm...I don't really watch Reality TV...maybe because its skewed by the producer's intent. If anything my reality TV taste is kind of geeky. I like the wedding shows like Bridezillas, Who's Wedding Is It Anyway, Yes To the Dress. And I like true crime shows, 48 Hours, Forensic Files, etc. Other than that I like all the cooking challenge shows on Food Network.

Ask me anything

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Two Strand Twistout --- Fail?

I promised I would revisit the L'Oreal Studio Line Unkempt, Out of Bed Weightless Texturizer.  Since I was off on Monday, I decided to two strand twist my hair Sunday night.  I figured if I didn't like the results, I would have time to rewash my hair.

Twisting my whole head took about 30-40 minutes.
 I started with dry hair and applied a bit of gel to each section before twisting.
By morning, they flattened out a bit.  
My mother said I could wear them as is...uh no Mom I'm not S. Epatha Merkerson. Though I love her dearly.
Um not exactly what I hoped for.  The texture was nice but I couldn't shape it because the gel held my hair a bit too much.  Attempts to manipulate left my hair frizzy.
Oh well back to the drawing board.

I'm hitting the books....and they're hitting back!!!

This semester is looking like a heavy one.  I have my first assignment due in ethics class next week.  I had to read the textbook, plus two articles, plus two cases.  Then post a response to one of the articles. (I think the author is an idiot and a bigot, will that suffice) plus, respond to at least two other student's opinions. Plus, brief the two cases and show my understanding of the legal and ethical issues of both.  **sigh**  That's just one class. 

Then for my business innovation class, I have to play a game, read an article, and post my thoughts on both, plus respond to at least four other students by Sunday.  ** double sigh**

It's not that the work is hard.  The subject matter is quite interesting and thought provoking.  Writing can just be time consuming especially when you're going to be graded for citing things correctly.  You have to be tedious and I don't do tedious.  Tedious = boring.  Oh will get done.

Enough about me.  How is your week going?

Polish Pretty: Wet N Wild Wild Shine in Night Prowl

Two coats...not too hard to remove.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Etsy Faves

Friday, September 3, 2010

Face of the Day: Pinky Tuscadero Rides Again!

Oooh I loved Happy Days!!!
Just call me Pinky!

I decided to change up my natural look a bit and add more pink to it.  Well, I added a lot of pink.  I think it worked out.

  • Forever 21 Love and Beauty Blush in Rose

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original (Macy's)
  • Wet N' Wild Eyeshadow Palette in Sweet As Candy. (You can win one here.)
  • Maybelline Line Stiletto in Very Black
  • Rimmel Glam Lash Mascara in Extreme Black

  • Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Gloss in Hooked on Pink

I liked the F21 blush but it did not pick up well with a blush brush.  I wound up using my fingers.  Maybe because of the embossing in the compact. **shrugs shoulders**  It didn't last long but its still a bit hot in these parts.  Maybe with foundation it would set better.

And yes I know my eyebrows are atrocious.  I don't know what's going on with them this summer.  I tweeze and shape and they keep growing back funky.  I have to invest in threading soon...real soon.

Polish Pretty: Wet N' Wild Wild Shine in Blue Moon

I was concerned I had bought this before.  I wish my application was better but my brother stopped by in the middle of my manicure.  So there's about two hours between coats. (There's two here.)  Pretty color.  Definitely a keeper but you need base and topcoat.  It was chipped the next day.

Music Moment: Yes my best friend and I wore matching outfits to the parties and made up dance routines...

That's what you did in the 80s and 90s.

Actually I got paid on Tuesday...that whole semi-monthly payroll thing sucks! LOL!

Johnny Kemp never had another major hit but hey this song was made in 1988 and still kicks ass!! He can be proud.

Friday AM Finds

Beginning September 3, 2010, I will post Friday Finds links in the AM and Friday Finds videos in the PM.

Pearl & Ribbon Accordion Necklace DIY

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

He Can Get It Thursday: Leon Robinson

I'll be the first to admit I didn't get his allure at first.  He was in plenty of movies in the eighties but it was watching him as J.T. in "The Five Heartbeats" that did it for me.  Maybe because I was a senior in high school and grown, I got his "IT" factor.

LEON website reel from Preston Robinson on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Stash: Cargo Lipgloss Quad in Argentina

I actually only have one of these.  It took forever to find them after my friend J and I saw them on Scandalous Beauty.  I found them on  J's arrived melted.  Customer service was swift to replace.  But for me, as much as I loved the color, there's not much in the pan and its prone to go soft.  I try to keep in the freezer.

Also available at:

Face of the Day: Sassy but is it "Sassy Green"?

The only thing I really wanted from the Dare to Wear Collection was the matte eyeshadow, Sassy Green.  Of course, when I went to MAC they were sold out.  As I was looking for shadow the other morning I came across my NYX Single Eyeshadow in Lake Algae.  Hmm matte...bright green...could this fulfill my sassy desires?

 NYX Single in Sassy Green and my absolute fave Oro

I like it.  I've been trying this new thing of wearing matte shadow on my inner half of my lid and shimmer on the outer half.
I just wish the Oro stood out a bit more.
So MAC users is it close or do I just need to order the Sassy Green online?

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original (Macy's)
  • NYX Eyeshadow Single in Lake Algae
  • NYX Single Eye Shadow in Oro
  • Maybelline Line Stiletto in Very Black
  • Rimmel Glam Lash Mascara in Extreme Black

  • NYX Round Lipgloss in Apricot

Enter The "I Kind of Like Y'all" Mini Giveaway!

I haven't had a giveaway in a while and as I lead up to my 1 year blog anniversary, I will be hosting some smaller giveaways ending with a large one mid October.  Plus, I kind of like y'all so I wanna give you some goodies.  What's up for grabs!

Two Wet N' Wild Eyeshadow Palettes in Sweet As Candy and On Cloud Nine along with a Wet N' Wild Mega Liner in Black.

Wet N' Wild has come a long way in terms of quality and I wouldn't steer you wrong.  You'll like these.

So how do you win it:
To enter this giveaway you must do the following:
1.  You must be an official follower of this blog or a follower of my Twitter account: 
2.  You must mention my giveaway on your blog and include that link with your comment.  No blog?  You can follow me on twitter and tweet about my giveaway there!
  • You can only enter once.  Sorry, multiple comments from the same person will only be counted as one entry.
  • US and Canadian entrants but its up to you to know your customs laws and fees!
  • Contest ends on September 8, 2010 at midnight Eastern Time.
  • I will use a random number generator to determine the winner. Winner must contact me within 48 hours to claim prize or I will select new winner.
Good luck everyone!!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Music Moment: Oh how I wanted to be a Cover Girl when I was in 14..

Or part of Sweet Seduction, Seduction, Expose, any girl group at that time. Yes I'm not a Latina but in the 80s, the radio played everything. Plus the population of my first high school was primarily Latin and Portuguese so I definitely listened to a lot of dance music and club/house music.  (I'm from Jersey, remember?)

I still remember learning all the lyrics to Brenda K. Starr's "I Still Believe".

I used to do that silly little dance with friends.

Why was this my song for a hot minute?

 I was sad when Mariah tried to remake this classic. Bah!!

Don't tell anyone...Brenda K. Starr actually worked in Newport Centre when I worked there in college. I totally acted like a geeked out fan every time I went in her store (Accessory Place). I was so happy when she resurrected her career as a Salsa singer.

And Mariah ruined "Sweetheart" for me too. :(

Monday, August 30, 2010

Year Three: The Finale?

So today starts my third and what I hope to be my last year of grad school.  I'm nine credits short of Master of Science in Business and Information Systems.  I'm taking six credits this semester and six next semester.

Don't these books look like fun?

Yes, I said I have to take six credits next semester.  Technically I only have nine graduate credits but because I was a music major as an undergrad, I have some lower level credits I need to take or test out of.  I plan on taking a programming class with my last grad class next semester and hopefully test out of Calculus.  (Extra confident of myself seeing as I only took up to Trigonometry and Pre-Calc in high school twenty years ago.)

So I've just finished reading the driest chapter in Business Process Change. I read my Ethics book yesterday.  I think I'm going to do my chapter readings and lectures in the evening and read my abstracts while in transit or on the bus.  I was told that I have to have a 4.0 this semester because someone purchased my books instead of his monthly box of Romeo and Julietas. My beau is a sweetie but a tyrant when it comes to my education and my daughter's education.  It doesn't help that he's also in grad school and has a 4.0 overall. (Showoff!!!)

Well at least I know he won't be puffing on cigars this month.  And at least I won't have to come home to find this in my plants.

Of course he claims it wasn't I have another cigar smoking boyfriend who came to visit yesterday **sigh**

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Etsy Faves

Friday, August 27, 2010

Friend Friday: Fall Fashion

Modly Chic hosts a Friend Friday questionnaire every week.  I've been slow to get on board until now.  Here's my answers for this week's questionnaire about Fall Fashion:

1. What new fashion trend are you looking forward to sporting this fall?
I admit I'm attracted to the military jackets I see popping up.  I've always had a soft spot for those and have owned several throughout my life.  Evans has a few great ones coming out this season.

I also like the Moto jackets that keep popping up.

Old Navy at ShopStyle

2. Which item in your closet is most likely to be your go-to transition piece?
It's not in my closet now but I plan on investing in leggings and simple mini dresses.  The long over slim silhouette works well on me.  I just haven't worn it in years.  I'd like to get back to it and move away from wearing denim so much. (Or as my grandma used to say dungarees.)  And I'd like to pick up some more tights.  I fell in love with tights all over again a few years ago.  They're a great way to take lightweight dresses into winter.  Just My Size makes great basic tights in black but I hear We Love Colors are fantastic.
Of course, I need bright colors for my denim minis.

3. What item from last year are you looking forward to reinventing this fall?
Not one item but items...accessories.  I buy them so much and never wear them because they are put away.  Since I'm redecorating the whole house, I'd like to organize my hats, jewelry, scarves, belts, etc in a way I'm more apt to use them to remix my wardrobe.

If I could find something similar to this organizer from that wasn't so white and swirly...we'd be in business.

4. What is your favorite part about this time of the year?
Besides days that are cooler than summer but not cold enough I need a jacket.  Fashion!! I noticeably dress better in fall.  Everything is so chic and new. And the colors are so rich.  I've seen at least three makeup collections that I must invest in.  MAC's Venomous Villains Anyone? has the best coverage.  And I want Urban Decay's new Book of Shadows

5. Will you be attending any fashion events this fall?
Maybe some blogger meet ups and craft shows.  Nothing big planned.  I missed out on a lot of events last year because I was doing so many craft shows myself.  And when you're selling, its hard to shop.  So I missed Renegade Brooklyn this year and I missed all of the Handmade Cavalcades...want to make sure I check some shows out this year.  I believe in shopping indie when I can. If you're in the NJ/NYC area look me up.  Maybe we could hook up and shop.  I also travel to Philly.

Be sure to check out Modly Chic and read other answers in addition to submitting your own.